California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces $2.5 Billion Funding for COVID-19 Smackdown of Small Businesses

SACRAMENTO, CA – In a televised speech today, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced $2.5 billion funding for COVID-19 smackdown of small businesses in his state. The coronavirus lockdown has already put many enterprises out of business, or at least into dire financial circumstances. This new announcement may result in some business owners just giving up entirely.

The governor indicated in his comments that too many businesses are “flaunting” the rules surrounding re-opening. Perhaps he meant flouting. “We’ve been so fixated on the ‘when’ and not so responsibly focused on the ‘how’ to safely reopen,” stated Newsom in today’s remarks. “Thirty plus sectoral guidelines we’ve put out. We’ve worked with industry to put out procedures and processes so we can safely – healthy – health and safety – a framework of focus – to reopen the economy in a way that can mitigate the spread. If people are flaunting those rules and regulations – or disregarding or throwing out those guidelines, we want to continue to work with our county officials and local officials to help us enforce that. So we put aside this two-and-a-half billion dollars of state money in this budget to encourage and inspire more enlightened health behavior.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 enforcement remarks start at 33:10 minutes. Video by KTLA.

Has the governor of California just announced implementation and major funding of a COVID-19 police state?

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It goes without saying that $2.5 billion can fund a massive number of jackbooted COVID-19 stormtroopers. As a point of comparison, the entire LAPD budget is only $1.8 billion. Struggling California business owners shouldn’t worry, though. Because when the stormtroopers bang on the door, they are of course only there to enlighten your health behavior.

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